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Management of Environmental Agents

  • Department:Hazard Control Division

According to the provisions of the Environmental Agents Control Act, the environmental agents can be divided into three types, including environmental health agents, pollution control agents and microbial preparations used as environmental agents. In addition, according to their concentration and use, they can be divided into general environmental agents, special environmental agents and technical grade environmental agents.

Fig.1 Three types and categories of Environmental Agents

Three types and categories of Environmental Agents.

The environmental agent management strategies focus on sound laws & regulations and implementation of overall environmental agent management system, including the registration permit system, operational management system and spot check system. The relevant laws and regulations have been established as a basis for law enforcement.

In addition, for the promotion of information transparency of environmental agent management and convenient internet search, the Environmental Agents Permits Search System has been established. The operators, government agencies and the public can search for information on legally registered environmental agents, pathogen control operators, and environmental agent suppliers.

The Environmental Agents Safe Use Website has been established to help people recognize common home pests and understand safe use of environmental health agents. People can even check the principles for buying environmental agents online any time, which significantly enhance the management efficiency.

The focus of future work is to continue to simplify administrative procedures for the public, enhance effectiveness of public service, make good use of the educational function of media, strengthen educational advocacy and enhance the awareness of safe use of environmental agents.

According to Article 9 of the Environmental Agents Control Act, those that intend to manufacture, process, or import environmental agents shall apply for examination and registration. Manufacture, processing, or import may begin only after a permit is issued. (Please refer to the Working Standards for Environmental Agent Permit Application and Issuance for provisions related to application.)

Except for small amount of environmental agents brought into the country by individuals, the environmental agents must not be imported through air or sea parcels. The environmental agents brought into the country are limited for personal use and cannot be sold.

In accordance with Article 32 of the same act, those enterprises that hold neither an environmental agent permit, environmental agent vendor license, nor a pest control operator license cannot advertise environmental agents. However, online channels are far-reaching. People often advertise and sell products containing environmental agents, such as mosquito repellent hanging patches in online shopping malls and online communities. A maximum fine of NT$300,000 may be imposed if such an act is caught. 

Effective from Mar. 14, 2017, companies manufacturing, processing, and/or inputting chemical mosquito repellents for human use and to be applied to the skin must in accordance with the stipulations of the Environmental Agents Control Act file an application with our office for examination and registration. The companies may engage in the aforementioned activities only after receiving a license issued by our office.

To respond to the trend of using the microbial agent “Wolbachia Pipientis” to control dengue vector mosquito around the world, EAP announced to add Wolbachia Pipientis on the list of microbial preparation for environmental medication on October 17 of 2018.

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