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“The 3rd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award”
All are welcome to take in part of the contest

  • Department:Comprehensive Planning Division

  To encourage all circles to be oriented to “green chemistry” by launching innovative research and development with low-pollution and low-toxic substitutes, reducing the use of toxic substances, implementing hazard prevention and response plan, enhancing emergency response capability and promoting green chemistry education, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan has launched “The 3rd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award”. The registration starts from now on until October 14, 2022 at 23:59 (including 23:59) and EPA will hold 5 explanatory sessions. For detailed information, please refer to the “Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award” website. All are welcome to take in part of this contest.

  EPA expressed that, in response to issues related to the international sustainable development concept of ESG – namely “Environment” , “Social” and “Governance”– and to encourage the industry to be oriented to sustainable development, “The 3rd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award” had specially included ESG relevant conducts in the evaluation as a group review scoring items. By joining the contest, the industry can review and demonstrate the promotional results of relevant works from all aspects of green chemistry, helping them to head towards sustainability and enhance international competitiveness.

  EPA further expressed that 15 groups and 10 individuals would be selected from the list this year. The group-based categories include “Green chemistry education”, “green safety alternatives”, “chemical substance management”, “disaster prevention and relief” and “other”. Individual-based categories, on the hand, include not only the previously mentioned categories, but also “lifetime achievement” in order to encourage individuals who have devoted their entire life to green chemistry. The award winners will be publicly praised with an award; and individual winners will receive an additional prize of NT$50,000 or a commodity of the equivalent value as a recognition. Besides, all winners’ stories will be recorded through “Record of Excellence”. That is, their exceptional performance in green chemistry will be recorded and offered to all circles in the industry for learning.

        EPA welcome all to take in part of this contest. For those who are willing to join this event, please make an online registration and upload the application form between October 14, 2022 before 23:59. In the case of having any question, you are also welcome to dial the registration hotline: (02) 2325-6800 Ext. 883, 881 or 880.  “The 3rd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award” welcomes all to strive for the glory!

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  • Release Date:2022-09-15
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