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The labeling of chemical substances gears to international standards: Information is fully disclosed to ensure safe handling

  • Department:Evaluation Management Division

        To ensure safe  handling of toxic and concerned chemical substances, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has made amendments to “Regulations for the Labeling and Safety Data Sheets for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances” to include the specifications for the label size of  containers and packaging.   Another focus is to harmonize with the labeling format of the Ministry of Labor’s regulations for the chemical labeling, to specify the disclosure methods for  the hazardous ingredients in toxic and concerned chemicals, and to amend the labeling  key points to be disclosed if chemicals are not classified as hazardous chemicals. The amendments are also to distinguish the labeling requirement of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and toxic and concerned chemical substances management.

        Based on international management regulations, EPA has revised the specifications for the label size of the containers and packaging. There are four grades   according to the volume size of the containers and packaging, and  minimum label size is gradually halved from A5.  Manufacturers and importers of toxic and concerned chemical substances shall ensure that the label size of the containers and packaging is not smaller than the prescribed size; and shall provide hazard information that can be clearly read by users. Fold-out labels, tie-on tags or outer packaging may be adopted in some circumstances, such as limited volume size of containers and packaging.

     EPA expressed that toxic and concerned chemical substances need to be classified in accordance with Chinese National Standard (CNS) 15030 and to be labeled on related hazard information. For toxic or concerned chemical substances above the control concentration standard, additional information of the hazard ingredient shall be labeled on the containers,  packaging and placard, including their English name, Chemical Abstract Service Registry number,  weight percentage concentration ;  it also shall be labeled with the words “toxic chemical substance” or “concerned chemical substance”  according to their respective  announced type. On the other hand, toxic and concerned chemical substances that do not meet any hazard classification may, after this amendment, be labeled only with their name, hazard ingredients, warning,  or other supplementary information; and name, address and telephone of the manufacturer, importer or supplier.

        Besides, toxic and concerned chemical substances shall label warnings or other supplementary information in accordance with the regulations concerning individual substances. Based on the different characteristics and management purposes of toxic and concerned chemical substances, EPA will separately announce other texts or pictograms that shall be labeled. For example, nitrous oxide has been announced as a concerned chemical substance due to improper abuse and it should be labeled with “For industrial use only, no consumption” to warn the users.

        A discussion meeting was summoned in regard to this amendment in August 2022. Besides, as this amendment to the containers and packaging labeling may require a revision on the current containers and packaging labeling content and size in the supply chain, such amendments will take effect on October 31, 2023.  A year of grace period will be given to enterprises.

        With respect to information related to this news release, please go to EPA’s website to download the attachment;  or go to The Executive Yuan Gazette Online to download related information

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  • Release Date:2023-01-04
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