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Goals of the TCSB

  • Department:Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau

Goals of the TCSB

(1) Source management by a dedicated unit

Food safety has been a great concern of the public in recent years. The people also believe that prevention is better than cure. Management of toxic and chemical substances from the source is very important. The upgrading of the level of the administrative organization, i.e., the establishment of Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau by the EPA, can not only enhance the quality and quantity of management of toxic and chemical substances, but also help reduce the food safety risks.

(2) Assistance in strengthening management of Ministries

At present, there are 26 competent authorities and affiliated units related to chemical substances management, 17 relevant regulations, and 36 related chemical substances management systems governing more than 100,000 chemical substances. How to enhance the strength of management of chemical substances, operators' information, number of operations, and complete flow of upstream and down-stream information, as well as strengthen the inventory of existing chemical substances management regulations and management systems in Taiwan? The establishment of the Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau can not only assist in providing the relevant competent authorities with information on the status and strength of chemical substance management, and references for evaluating how to strengthen the management of chemical substances; the TCSB can also the Chemical Cloud Inter-ministerial Information Service Platform for Chemical Substances.

(3) Strengthening ministerial cooperation in audits

Screening chemical substances that might enter food production and processing (such as malachite green and magnesium carbonate), and using the Chemical Cloud Inter-ministerial Information Service Platform for Chemical Substances to generate a list of risky operators by audit, provides the Ministries with a strengthened basis for inspections (depending on their levels of authority), to prevent chemical substances from entering into food production and processing. In addition, the TCSB will improve capacities for audit of chemical substances, and build a food safety firewall.

(4) Getting in line with international chemical substance management

In order to be in line with international chemical substances management, the Bureau will inventory domestic regulations on chemical substances and hold inter-ministerial meetings on a regular basis, in accordance with the promotional guidelines of international chemical substance management strategies. The TCSB expects to strengthen management of 3,000 chemical substances by 2020.

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