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Application for the Permit of Environmental Agents

  • Department:Comprehensive Planning Division
Applications Application for the Permit of Environmental Agents
Service description
  1. According to the Environmental Agents Control Act, a permit for environmental agent(s) is required prior to the manufacturing, processing or import of the environmental agent(s). If you need to obtain relevant document(s) from the manufacturer or competent authority overseas for the application for the environmental agent permit, you can provide this application form to the manufacturer overseas as explanation, in order to obtain the relevant document(s).
  2. Please go to the Management of Environmental Agents Information System to complete the online application.
Application conditions 1.A company registration certificate or business registration certificate
2.For manufacturing permit applications, the applicant should have a factory registration certificate that meets the conditions for establishing an environmental agent’s factory, and should hire professional technical personnel specifically for the manufacture of the environmental agents.
3.For the application for a permit of import, the applicant should have a license for selling environmental agents.
Documents required For the required documents and materials, please refer to the Working Standards for Environmental Agent Permit Application and Issuance for details.
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